Extend your hands to this cause

We believe that, when coming into contact with real stories, it is possible to raise awareness and fight the prejudice that insists on keeping these people away from social life, often due to the lack of knowledge of what these diseases are.

We need to touch the sore spot - not theirs, but ours - to start a more humane discussion on the importance of this theme.

Here we will gather reports from children and young people with genodermatoses and show how the daily lives of those who carry the marks of these diseases on their skin are.

In addition, we will bring news about research and studies carried out and advances arising from treatments. We want this to be a channel of exchange.

Come with us!

Feeling under the skin

ACCEEPTING THE DISEASE IS THE FIRST STEP FOR A GOOD SOCIAL LIFE. When Augusto was Born, the doctors already knew it was ichthyosis. There was a psychological preparation and a sensitive approach by the professionals, who explained it was not a contagious disease. “My parents have always dealt with this. My mother, to this day, […]

Unconditional support

How the love and dedication from the family can be fundamental to take care of the people with genodermatoses. Sidney was born in Teresina, Piauí. During his gestation, the doctors said everything was normal. However, his mother, Leila, suffred from high blood pressure and had other symptoms of malaise. He ended up being born full […]