The purpose of Casa Santa Teresinha 

We believe that it is possible to fight prejudice and increase the quality of life of children and adolescents with genodermatoses. With the strength and unity of people with a similar and interested outlook, we promote sustainable assistance to people with genodermatoses and their families, in order to enable their social inclusion and active participation in the community.

Casa Santa Teresinha takes care of children and teenagers with the most dramatic skin diseases.
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Casa Santa Teresinha 

Casa Santa Teresinha promotes programs to assist children, teenagers and their families offering: 

  •  skin care – patients and their families receive guidance on appropriate clothing and dressings, how to clean the lesions and the signs of complications which should lead to an early dermatological evaluation; 
  •  psychological assistance – a complete assessment of the patient and family is carried out; 
  •  nutritional support – offered to all patients and family members, in order to maintain a balanced diet; 
  •  educational – complementary classes are given by volunteers to assist patients who are unable to attend classes due to consultations and exams; 
  •  spiritual and cultural support – offered according to patients’ demands, with regard to their beliefs. 
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