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It all started with a sensitive look from Dr. Régia Celli Patriota de Sica who captured the beauty, in addition to the skin. Thus it was born the exhibition “Beyond the Skin: the Beauty of the Soul and the Family”, under the curatorship of Alícia Peres. 

The knowledge of the drama experienced by those families touched the hearts of many people, especially a group of social entrepreneurs, formed by professionals from different areas: medical, legal, social assistance, nursing, social communication, administration, finance, among others, who felt compelled to act to change the context in which people with congenital skin diseases are inserted. 

From that moment on, we started to plan the next steps, such as the viability of financial resources and people to continue the project of informing and sensitizing the population, aiming to contribute to end the prejudice against people with skin diseases, help remove thousands of children and adolescents from the enclosure, and also help provide adequate medical, psychological and social assistance so people with these diseases would have a better quality of life. 

On December 4, 2013, the Brazilian Institute of Support for People with Genodermatoses – Ibagen was founded, with the purpose of fighting prejudice, seeking to raise the quality of life of children and adolescents with genodermatoses and encouraging, together with the competent agencies, scientific research and the implementation of measures to treat congenital skin diseases. 

Our Compromise

• To elaborate programs and projects with the aim of assuring people with genodermatoses their fundamental and inherent human rights, giving them the opportunities to achieve physical, mental, moral, spiritual and social development, and preserving their dignity and freedom;

• To develop means and conditions which support the production of projects to be broadcast on electronic and audiovisual means, capable of stimulating the fight against prejudice against people with genodermatoses;

• To stablish partnerships, agreements and adjustments with official or private national or foreign educational or public health institutions, with the objective of promoting scientific research aiming at clarifying the etiology, treatment and prevention of genodermatoses;

• To act in close collaboration with educational institutions in order to support scientific research in the context of our statutory objectives;


• To collaborate, whenever possible, by sending representatives to national and international congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences or scientific meetings, in which genodermatoses related topics are discussed or which are of interest to the Institute.

• To extend, whenever possible, our activities to the various cities in the State of São Paulo and other States in Brazil, including to assist and contribute with similar institutions;

• To promote volunteering, ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy and other universal values;

• To design cultural projects, such as exhibitions and publications, with public and free access, with the purpose of raising awareness about the serious problems faced by people with genodermatoses, and reducing all forms of discrimination and prejudice against them.

Administrative Board

Administrative Board

Dr. Régia Celli Patriota de Sica

Dra. Denise Miyamoto
Dr. Marco Antônio Soares Munia
Richard Freeman Lark Jr.
Sônia Volpi Guimarães Brolio
Prof. Gaspare Saraceno
Roseane Ribeiro Patriota

Technical Advisory Board

Dra. Zilda Najjar Prado de Oliveira

Dr. Abes Mahmed Amed Filho
Dra. Ana Paula Gomes Meski
Dr. Luís Antônio Ribeiro Torezan
Rosa Makie Ishii
Dra. Luciana de Paula Samorano
Ligia Maria Quitério

Supervisory Board

Neide Maria da Silva

Henrique Roloff
Dr.Jean Marques Regina
Dr. Luiz Octavio Duarte Lopes
Paulo Sérgio Zembruski