The Saint Thérèse Center Proposal

The Brazilian Institute for Support to Patients with Genodermatoses – IBAGEN is an association with non-economic purposes, created by social entrepreneurs with the purpose of fighting against prejudice, improving quality of life of children and adolescents with genodermatoses and encouraging, together with the competent agencies, scientific research and the implementation of measures for the treatment of congenital skin diseases.

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Saint Thérèse Center

The Saint Thérèse Center is going to improve the living condition of children and adolescents who live in their homes and away from social life. To this end, the Casa is going to be adapted to their needs aiming at providing a decent welcoming and it is going to work according to the needs of each child/adolescent, either in the field of social or psychological assistance.

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With your donation you will help change the life of children and adolescents with genodermatoses in Brazil. Any amount help us to continue the actions that the Institute provides to improve the quality of life of these people.